Let’s Get Real

About Courtney:

What does Diet Coke, laughing and an almost 20-pound camera have in common? No, it’s not the start of a crazy joke – read on:

Courtney . . .

  • loves H.S. Seniors and wants to be one when she grows up : )
  • stays a bit dirty during photography sessions as she’ll do anything for the perfect shot – mud and dirt won’t stop her.
  • tends to laugh a lot and won’t stop talking about portraits.
  • is a Diet Coke drinker – Of course!
  • wants you to have a fantastic time during your session – obviously!

A truly passionate photographer, Courtney purchased her first DSLR camera when she had children, wanting to capture every moment as children grow up so fast; from there she was hooked.

Now she photographs families and seniors; helping them document their own moments. She is a fearless photographer who will happily lug her 16 pound Nikon D5 and a 200mm lens into a creek bed or lie down in the middle of an alley just to capture the perfect shot. During her photography sessions, she will go to great lengths to make sure her clients are happy with their photoshoot. The post-session slideshow with her clients is her favorite part, and she always has a box of tissues nearby for when the tears start.

A faithful student of her craft, Courtney is always on the hunt to learn even more about photography and would talk incessantly about portraits, if she could. She counts herself as one of the lucky ones because she gets to do what she loves every day. Furthermore, Courtney loves that her numerous photography client relationships have turned into amazing friendships that she cherishes.

Courtney Bliss Photography is located in Dallas, Texas.

Live your moment, let us capture it…

Courtney Bliss Photography